Look for in Vacation Villa

  • Public Transit
    Before booking a stay at a luxurious vacation villa, take the time to see how close it is to public transit. If a rental car will be used, this is not a problem. If not, and there is no public transit, the only place that tourists will see is the home that they are renting.
  • Nearby Buildings
    Take the time to do a quick search on Google to figure out where exactly the building is, and what it is located next to. A romantic getaway can quickly be spoiled by a noisy, crowded bar that is next door, or underneath, of a rental apartment. Some places for rent are all grouped together, creating a party zone away from home. While this may be ideal for the college student that wants to meet new people and party the week away, it may also be less than ideal for a family that would like a family oriented vacation, or a couple that would like a romantic weekend together.
  • Appliances
    It may seem like a given that every apartment will have a refrigerator and a stove, and possibly a microwave, but this is not the case in all parts of the world. Some tourists may arrive at their destination to discover that they have a mini refrigerator that is barely large enough to hold a gallon of milk while others may not have a stove or microwave. Tourists can save themselves the hassle by asking these questions and carefully reading the description of vacation villas before putting down a deposit.
  • Pool
    A pool is one of the most relaxing things, but most places do not have one. If the children instantly think of going swimming when they are away, this may be important. Take the time to ask about whether or not the place for rent has a pool, and, if not, where the nearest pool is. Most small apartments do not have a pool where as many luxury vacation villas do.
  • Nearby Points of Interest and Stores
    What exactly a tourist is interested in depends on who is travelling and how long they plan on staying. For example, a family may want to inquire about how close a grocery store is if they plan to stay for a month. Families may also want to look to see how close the rental is to things like the beach and amusement parks. Individuals that want to enjoy the club scene will want to look at how far it is to the nearest nightclub, and so on.

Tourists are encouraged to take the time to look at the location of the rental before jumping right in. Most people on vacation do not want to spend three hours travelling to each destination, and looking at the location can make sure that it is convenient.

Booking a vacation villa with a pool offers families and couples the chance to enjoy a home away from home.

Travellers can make sure that they enjoy their vacation and do not wind up with a house that is near noisy neighbors or too far away from anything, like the beach, by following these tips from the most experienced tourists.

Find The Best Long-Term Villa Rentals

Regardless of the different options available, villas tend to be the most popular choice for people in need of long-term accommodation. This is thought to be because villas combine the basic elements of a hotel stay with the luxury of having your own space to inhabit – almost like a serviced home.

That said, you can pick and choose what kind of villa you stay in, and you don’t have to have maids, butlers or chefs at your whim. Similarly, some of these properties come with pools, spas, gyms and home cinemas – whereas others are more basic in their offering. Whatever you’re looking for, there is bound to be a villa out there to match your needs.

The best place to start looking for accommodation is online. Here, you will be able to spend time surveying the different options available to you, as well as comparing prices between providers. If you can’t find a list of long-term rentals on the company’s website, it’s best to contact them over the phone to discuss whether this kind of let is an option.

Many people buy villas overseas because they are an incredibly worthwhile investment, with many being cheaper than in the UK or US. While owners will typically use them for their own holidays, they may also choose to rent them out while they’re not in use, generating an income and making sure the home remains looked after.

In order to ensure that the property is being kept to a high standard and is safe and secure, many owners will employ a rental agency to manage it in their absence. They will provide you with a point of contact, much like a letting agency would if you were renting a home to live in. You should be able to find details of available rentals on the agency’s website.

The agency should therefore be located in close proximity to where you’re staying in case there is an emergency or you need assistance. They may go one step further than this and actually supply the staff to clean, cook and wait on you during your stay.

These services can provide you with a much-needed break from day-to-day life, or allow you to get on with working, exploring, or whatever you planned to do when you arranged your trip away. If budget is an issue, talk to your chosen accommodation provider to see if they can provide minimal services that won’t break the bank.

Most long-term holiday homes will ask for rent to be paid on a monthly basis, similar to a property you might rent back home. When looking online, properties should be ordered on a monthly rental price basis – from lowest to highest – but may also be arranged in accordance with your size and location preferences.

If you can’t find anything that fits within your specifications, it’s best to get in touch with the agency directly as they may have other options available.

Positano Hotels vs Villas


Most villas will give you a little more space than a hotel room. You’ll usually get several rooms (living/dining, several bedrooms) plus a kitchen. So with the kitchen you have more freedom to make your own meals – you don’t have to always go out to a restaurant to eat.

Contrast that with a hotel room, which is usually much smaller (especially in Europe). Plus you don’t get your own kitchen space. Although keep in mind that, on the other hand, most Positano hotels do have balcony rooms with some of the most stunning views you’ll ever see of the Amalfi Coast!


Most hotels in Positano do include a free breakfast buffet with your room reservation. So in that sense it does save you a bit of money on food.

And depending on where you stay, there are some incredible breakfasts to be had. There’s nothing like sitting out on the terrace brunching on fresh fruit, prosciutto, eggs and a cappucino in the Italian sun to start your morning off right.

Most villas do not offer the free breakfast option with your booking.


If you stay at a hotel in Positano, you’ll get housekeeping every day – with fresh towels and clean floors, bathrooms, etc. But with some villas, you only get housekeeping once or twice a week (some villas will offer daily service for an extra charge).

Also note that with hotels, there is usually someone available 24 hours a day should you have a question or should you need something. Not all villas (depending on how they are run) offer this.

So those are some of the main differences between staying at a Positano hotel and a villa. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

Villas or apartments give you more flexibility with meals and generally more room. And, depending on the size of your party, they can be most cost effective.

Hotels however also have advantages like better housekeeping options, staff available 24-7 and free breakfast every morning.