Be A Good Tourist On Your Next Trip

Learn about the Rules of the Place

It’s not necessary that what is legal in your country will be legal in another one too. For instance, chewing gum in Singapore is a punishable offence. And not just foreign countries, rules can be different from one place to another in your own country too. So, the best way to make sure that you are not fined, or worst arrested, is to learn about the basic laws of the land you will be travelling to. This information can be accessed from the web easily.

Be At Your Best Behaviour

Remember that when you are travelling to a new place, you are representing the place you are coming from. You don’t want to give a bad impression about your homeland. So, try and be polite and smile at people you meet at cafes or public places. Talk to your hotel staff and try to learn about their culture a little more. Once you strike a friendly conversation, you will notice that people will open up to you. They will be willing to help you get around the place. Who knows someone might treat you to a nice homemade meal too!

Don’t Make Racist Comments

Often, while travelling, tourists can get microaggressive in certain situations. This will leave a bad taste in not just your mouth but to the other person too. Stay away from judging their culture or making comments on the way they look. People shouldn’t get the impression that you don’t appreciate their country or culture. So, be cautious about how you behave in public places.

Honeymoon On A Cruise

Go For A Long Cruise Vacation

You might have heard it from people that a one week cruise trip is enough to enjoy the journey to the fullest. But it’s not the same when it comes to honeymoon, you need some extra time alone with your partner where you can make memories, know each other in a better and exciting way. So, always go for a 2 or 3 week long cruise journey.

Plan Your Activities

Every time you are heading for a cruise trip, make a list of all the fun activities that you and your partner want to do, this way it can be easier for you to know what to do on board. Discuss things with your travel agent or do some research online and know about all those activities and facilities that your cruise is going to provide you.

Romantic venue in everyone and one cannot deny that good food means a happy mood. If you want your partner to enjoy the trip to the fullest and stay happy all the time then every time you are heading for your meal, try the most cozy corner of the restraint which serves some finger licking good food. You surely are going to have a whole fun ride by following this tip

Spa And Gym

You always have to be careful about your health no matter what and if you are planning a 3 week long cruise trip then you surely need some gym or other physical activity. Head to the spa with your partner to get relaxed and pampered like never before. Not only the spa is where you can go in fact try some workout with your partner to stay healthy and fit or maybe to impress each other?

Increase Your budget

As it is your first time on a honeymoon, you would have to spend some extra money for some extra and luxurious facilities too. So, be ready to handle the expenses that you are going to have in order to make a one memorable trip, try the picture packages that the ship has and take as many pictures as you can and capture your moments for a lifetime!

Trip To Historic City Athens

A trip to Athens or Greece is nothing less than a trip to the pages of history. The ancient architectures are still present, many of them partially demolished, but still bearing the message from the past. The major construction, such as the Parthenon, which happens to be one of the iconic constructions of Athens, speaks of the rich history and culture of the city. The most interesting part about visiting Greece is that there is no specific attraction within the country. When you are in Athens, you will be able expecting various archaeological and historical museums which will speak about the history of the place and also about the various aspects of their art, culture and lifestyle. What really sets Athens apart from the rest of the world is that, even though there are museums and various other places to visit within the city, the city as a whole is living museums in itself. Numerous constructions and various designs can be found all across the city. They have their own story to tell and add to the pages of history of Athens. Make sure you plan your trip long enough to soak up all of it, or as much as it is possible.

Athens has played an important role not in the medieval times; the city has contribution to the modern world as well. One of the most remarkable of all contributions is the Olympic Games. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in the year 1896. Let us not forget the fact that the English that we speak and the alphabets that we write have major contribution from Greece. It is in fact the Greek alphabets that are in use in English in the modern times. Even the word “alphabet” is combination of the words “alpha” and “beta”, the first two Greek letters. It simply shows ho greatly the Greek civilization influenced the development of the western civilization, art and culture.

While planning a trip to Athens, remember that not all that seems old happens to be old in this city. The medieval style and the contemporary designs were very much in use till much later in time. Even when the new city of Athens was built, the contemporary architectural style was followed.