About Cruise Ship Security

On Board the Ship:

  • Keep your doors locked at all times when you are in the room
  • If your room has a safe, use it for your valuables
  • Know who your room steward is, so you can recognize that person
  • Take a walk around the ship so you get comfortable with finding your way around
  • Do not drink so much that you get drunk
  • If you see something suspicious contact the ship’s security
  • Remember that the internet on board the ship is open, this is a public place

On Shore:

It might be better to sign up for shore excursions that are organized by the ship. Yes, they are more expensive than tours you can get with on shore operators but they offer the convenience of signing up in advance and even paying in advance. And the most important thing to remember if you are on a tour organized by the ship and that tour is late getting back, the ship will wait for you. This is not the case with on shore organized tours. If they are late the ship’s captain could depart before you get back to the ship.

If you decide to go into town on your own, then make yourself aware of the local means of transportation. Bring the correct identification with you. Bring a copy of your passport, leave the original in your cabin safe. The most important thing is being aware of your surroundings and where you are. If your gut tells you not to go down that street, listen and find another way.

Taking a cruise is a very easy, and for the most part inexpensive way to see many other countries and experience other cultures. Cruise ship operators take security very serious. There are a lot of things going on out of sight that directly relates to passenger safety.

Just like on land at home your personal security always starts with you.

How To Stay Healthy On A Cruise Ship

  • Stay hydrated – We cannot insist enough on the fact to keep your body replenished with enough water. While sightseeing, sunbathing or doing the day to day activities your body loses water. It is important that you keep taking sips of water throughout the day so to prevent dehydration and the consequences that tag along.
  • Don’t drink the local water – Having said the above we never recommend you to drink the local water or indulge yourself in drinks that are prepared with local water or ice as your body is not used to it and can cause problems like diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting and food poisoning. Take your own bottled and sealed water and snacks from the ship when you head out. Never hesitate in asking the restaurant owners and chefs regarding the kind of water from which the meal was prepared.
  • Exercise – Most of us let ourselves go on a holiday. In our opinion, it is one of the worst things that one can do to him/herself. The breath-taking views, the new air and the company that surrounds you will take up most of your time, but it is crucial that you take half a daily from your routine and hit the gym. Most cruises are equipped with a proper gym and trainers ready to help you exercise and distress during the trip. This activity will contribute to freshen your mind and body, help with digestion and keep you active and fit.
  • Stay away from uncooked meat and spicy dishes – Honestly, it’s difficult to stay away from all the yummy and mouthwatering cuisines that the cruise has to offer but remember don’t overload your system with too many things that you will later regret. Uncooked meat, sardines and our beloved sushi is a big NO! Stay away from overly spiced up food because that can cause gastric problems. Skip on the exotic chutneys and dressings and eat as much of local fruits and seasonal cooked vegetables as possible.

Small Cruise Ships

A small cruise ship is ideal to holiday in as the atmosphere is more relaxed and quieter than a large cruise ship. A smaller vessel will give you the same benefits as a larger ship but in a more relaxed and personal way with a friendlier crew who tend to your every need and want.

Just imagine this; sitting on the deck outside your cabin on-board a small luxury cruise ship as you sail through the South Pacific. All you can hear is the swish of the waves as they slap against the boat; and all you can feel is the wind in your hair and the warmth of the south-seas sun.

Here you have the best of both worlds; you can enjoy the outdoors on deck, taking in the fresh air and sunshine or you can retreat to your cabin if you want privacy – the choice is yours.

As the ship docks at interesting ports on exotic small islands, you get the opportunity to sample the delicious local food and make friends with the island’s inhabitants. You’ll have a chance to buy some unique souvenirs made by the locals to take back home and remind you of your trip.

If you are feeling lazy you can just lie in the sun with a good novel and savour the peace and quiet of the lazy, warm atmosphere and enjoy the day.

Formal dining will be available just as on a large cruise ship, or perhaps you fancy the casual-style dining and menu, either option will be available. Perhaps for one night you may want to have an intimate dinner in your own cabin where you can enjoy a romantic evening and have your wine and dinner delivered at your leisure.

Whether you have time for a thirteen day cruise or a six-day cruise you will surely enjoy all the amenities on offer and the very personal attention you will receive.

With the greater crew to passenger ratio, it will almost be as if you have your own personal captain and shipmates at your beck and call.

If you so desire you will have the opportunity to socialise and visit with others; shipboard romances are legion and life-long friendships are often forged. If you want company there will always be people ready for a chat and a drink on the deck or in the dining room.

You can join in on games and movies for entertainment and meet the other passengers, or curl up in your own cabin to listen to music or open your port window and simply lie and listen to the ocean’s waves as the ship sails to her next destination.