Cruise for Great Adventures

Many tourists consider Alaska as a magical place. The name itself was derived from the native Aleut word, “alyeshka,” meaning “the great land.” Alaska is a huge and incredibly diverse land. It is one of the last unspoiled wildernesses on earth.

Despite its remarkable size, it is still one of the most sparsely populated places on the planet. According to the United States Census Bureau, the population is less than three-quarters of a million. It is also safe to assume there are more animals here than humans.

When it comes to cruises, most travelers are more familiar with tropical destinations. These include the Caribbean, South Pacific, and Mexico. Most of them do not realise that apart from the sunnier regions, there are many northern places worth visiting. The magnificent views and activities to take part in during Alaskan cruises are incomparable. This is probably the best way to see the other side of the planet. While natural forces continue to mold the land, it remains a place mostly untouched by men. Despite recent industrial developments, the wilderness is Alaska’s predominant characteristic.

Travelers and natives also refer to Alaska as the “American Serengeti”. This is because of its rich wildlife. This magical land features some of the largest and most important estuaries and bird breeding grounds in North America. It is also home to mammal species including the largest and most intriguing wild animals that roam in the continent: grizzly and polar bears, herds of pre-Ice age caribou, moose, mountain sheep, wolf packs, beavers, wolverine, and pre-historic musk oxen. You will also witness marine mammals such as whales, sea lions, seals, porpoises, walruses, and many more.

Another thing about Alaska is its historical geography. Examples of these are Ice-Age old glaciers. The glaciers in this part of the planet are among the oldest. Most people think these formations are stationary, but on the contrary, they are so full of life. Along with the mountains, rivers, and fjords, they are perhaps some of the most beautiful natural wonders you will encounter in this lifetime. If you are up for this kind of adventure, you should start looking for Alaska cruise deals.