Small Cruise Ships

A small cruise ship is ideal to holiday in as the atmosphere is more relaxed and quieter than a large cruise ship. A smaller vessel will give you the same benefits as a larger ship but in a more relaxed and personal way with a friendlier crew who tend to your every need and want.

Just imagine this; sitting on the deck outside your cabin on-board a small luxury cruise ship as you sail through the South Pacific. All you can hear is the swish of the waves as they slap against the boat; and all you can feel is the wind in your hair and the warmth of the south-seas sun.

Here you have the best of both worlds; you can enjoy the outdoors on deck, taking in the fresh air and sunshine or you can retreat to your cabin if you want privacy – the choice is yours.

As the ship docks at interesting ports on exotic small islands, you get the opportunity to sample the delicious local food and make friends with the island’s inhabitants. You’ll have a chance to buy some unique souvenirs made by the locals to take back home and remind you of your trip.

If you are feeling lazy you can just lie in the sun with a good novel and savour the peace and quiet of the lazy, warm atmosphere and enjoy the day.

Formal dining will be available just as on a large cruise ship, or perhaps you fancy the casual-style dining and menu, either option will be available. Perhaps for one night you may want to have an intimate dinner in your own cabin where you can enjoy a romantic evening and have your wine and dinner delivered at your leisure.

Whether you have time for a thirteen day cruise or a six-day cruise you will surely enjoy all the amenities on offer and the very personal attention you will receive.

With the greater crew to passenger ratio, it will almost be as if you have your own personal captain and shipmates at your beck and call.

If you so desire you will have the opportunity to socialise and visit with others; shipboard romances are legion and life-long friendships are often forged. If you want company there will always be people ready for a chat and a drink on the deck or in the dining room.

You can join in on games and movies for entertainment and meet the other passengers, or curl up in your own cabin to listen to music or open your port window and simply lie and listen to the ocean’s waves as the ship sails to her next destination.