Miami Port

World’s Largest Cruise Ship Port

As well as being an international trade hub, Miami’s busy port also functions as the largest cruise ship port in the world. Miami is often called the Cargo Gateway of the Americas or the Cruise Capital of the World. Last year (2010) Miami’s port served 4,150,000 passengers.

Predictably, there’s a lot of competition between the cruise companies and this ensures that the individual tastes of all travelers are met. Tourists can choose to travel for 3 to 11 days or sail for an even longer duration. There are a wide range of destinations on offer – the Bahamas, Mexico, the Eastern and Western Caribbean and South America are just some of the available destinations.

Miami Sightseeing Cruises

Miami is not only a port for sailing away but instead there is also an enormous amount of sightseeing cruise supply in Miami area. The beautiful Biscayne Bay allures tourists to spend an afternoon away from the city and fill the holiday photo album with pictures of silhouette of this port city.

Millionaire’s row cruise is maybe the most common one to take, and why not, it does show a glimpse of the homes of rich and famous of Miami, which are plenty. Some other people prefer to get more cultural insights and choose a river cruise which presents Miami’s historical places, stories and a museum.

Miami Party Cruises

On the weekends, there are dancing cruises available for the ones who prefer to experience a night out in a more interesting way than pub crawling from bar to bar in overpriced South Beach. However, one might also end up to a Booze cruise which is in a selection of some cruise operators in Miami, and may not differ much on outcome on the day after than any other fiesta.

Miami’s party fishing cruises are a popular activity among adrenaline junkies and especially among male tourists. As the name predicts, that cruise includes fishing, drinking and enjoying the sunny day on the open sea.