Get A Free Cruise

First of all, if you have ever been on a cruise, you will know that the cruise line is constantly advertising their different cruises. Right there they will be offering you more freebies and other benefits than booking through any other means. Did you know though that you can do this and still make sure the booking is made through your travel agent. Go and see the resident cruise sales consultant and together you can explore all the variations and benefits. It is often the case that even if you change your booking, you will still be able to keep all the perks and benefits. Always remember to ask for additional discounts. Senior discounts, for example start from the age of 55-50 depending on the cruise line.

One way to cruise for free is being an on board lecturer. Cruise lines usually look for a variety of different subjects so they can offer ‘enrichment lectures’. Call up the cruise lines and inquire if they are interested in you lecturing on your topic of expertise. The same applies to ‘instructors’. Cruise lines want to offer their passengers different ways they can have fun. So that might include art, computers, even knitting or origami. Dance classes are common. If, for example, you excel at playing bridge, you can do this on board ship, helping others learn.

If you are part of a group, the group leader may get the cruise for free. Think about it, many families decide to take a cruise together so they can reunite. The same applies to groups from a certain church or from your place of work.

You can even become a gentlemen host if you are single. These gentlemen are given the job of dancing and entertaining mature, single women taking the cruise. Now that’s an easy day job!