Choose a Bahamas Cruise

One of the great attractions of Bahamas is its beaches where you get to swim, snorkel and scuba dive. Its popular beaches are The Cabbage Beach at Paradise Island, Cable Beach at New Providence Island and Gold Rock Beach at Lucayan National Park at The Grand Bahama Island.

Activities you can do

  • Water activities will allow a cruiser to have an encounter with dolphins and seals on Blue Lagoon Island 3 miles from Nassau. Underwater cave exploration next to the Freeport is another adventure that you can experience. If you have not seen alligators in close view, then here is your chance to do that at the Garden of the Groves.
  • The Bahamas is similarly known for famous landmarks such as The Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation. Five-star hotels can be found in the island as well that features casinos and other amenities.
  • The Royal Victoria Garden offers a variety of homegrown plants.
  • If you love shopping, The Bahamas will never fail you as you get to enjoy doing this activity at the duty-free shop as well as in other shops and stores. Visit the Nassau straw market to shop for mementos.
  • If you are not keen on doing the shopping, hopping from one hotel to another, or trekking the islands, you can enjoy your solitary moment on the beach and enjoy the country’s climate with a beer on your hand.
  • Talking about climate, schedule your cruise to The Bahamas in spring, summer and winter. This is where you can experience their good weather condition.