Places to Visit While in Kenya

The Maasai Mara National Reserve

The Maasai Mara National Reserve is located in Narok county and contiguous with Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Maasai Mara hosts one of the great world wonders of the world. What world wonder do you think that is? It’s none other than the great wildebeests’ migration from the Mara to the Serengeti every year from July and October. The Mara also hosts some the large cats like the lion, cheetahs, leopards, and caracal. It also hosts some exotic wildlife like the black rhino. Watching these animals in action while hunting is usually fascinating. There is also first class accommodation in the Mara provided by Fairmont Mara Safari Club, Keekorok Lodge, and Sarova Mara Hotel.

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park.

The marine park is located in the southern Kenyan coast near Shimoni in Kwale County. Here in the marine park, the marine life is plenty. Including Humpback whales, rays, scorpion fish, pufferfish, angelfish, moray eels, hawksbill turtles and sea turtles. There is also a permit to sea dive and feel the experience yourself. Inside the park, there are four small islands covered by coral reefs. The park is located near an impressive five-star coastal hotel. The Alibaba. The hotel provides administrative tourist first class services as well as stunning, awesome beaches to relax on during the day.

The Nairobi National Park

Did you know Nairobi is the only city in the world hosting a National park within it? It is just a short drive out of the CBD. Would want to have an epic experience while in town? Then do not forget about Nairobi National Park. It is located just adjacent to the safari walk. There is a fainted sight of the city’s sky scrapper while in the open grasslands plains of the park. How amazing is that? It also hosts some animals like the endangered species black rhino, lions buffaloes, and giraffes. Accommodation is available in the city’s CBD. Top five-star hotels in the city include Sarova Stanley, Villa Rosa Kempinski, Norfolk Hotel among others.

Miami Port

World’s Largest Cruise Ship Port

As well as being an international trade hub, Miami’s busy port also functions as the largest cruise ship port in the world. Miami is often called the Cargo Gateway of the Americas or the Cruise Capital of the World. Last year (2010) Miami’s port served 4,150,000 passengers.

Predictably, there’s a lot of competition between the cruise companies and this ensures that the individual tastes of all travelers are met. Tourists can choose to travel for 3 to 11 days or sail for an even longer duration. There are a wide range of destinations on offer – the Bahamas, Mexico, the Eastern and Western Caribbean and South America are just some of the available destinations.

Miami Sightseeing Cruises

Miami is not only a port for sailing away but instead there is also an enormous amount of sightseeing cruise supply in Miami area. The beautiful Biscayne Bay allures tourists to spend an afternoon away from the city and fill the holiday photo album with pictures of silhouette of this port city.

Millionaire’s row cruise is maybe the most common one to take, and why not, it does show a glimpse of the homes of rich and famous of Miami, which are plenty. Some other people prefer to get more cultural insights and choose a river cruise which presents Miami’s historical places, stories and a museum.

Miami Party Cruises

On the weekends, there are dancing cruises available for the ones who prefer to experience a night out in a more interesting way than pub crawling from bar to bar in overpriced South Beach. However, one might also end up to a Booze cruise which is in a selection of some cruise operators in Miami, and may not differ much on outcome on the day after than any other fiesta.

Miami’s party fishing cruises are a popular activity among adrenaline junkies and especially among male tourists. As the name predicts, that cruise includes fishing, drinking and enjoying the sunny day on the open sea.

Star Resorts in Matheran

Neemrana’s – Verandah in the Forest

This charming resort is located bang in the middle of a forest and offers the chance to experience nature from close quarters. The property has been designed with charming details like high ceiling, red flooring and a terracotta tiled verandah overlooking the dense forest. This 3 star resort doesn’t have television in any of the rooms and telephone signal is non-existent, which forces the guests to connect with themselves and their loved ones. The staff are cordial and ready to help you with any requests like gluten free food or arranging sightseeing tours.

The Byke Heritage – Matheran

The Byke Heritage is one of the oldest and most popular resorts in Matheran. This 3 star property is located at the far end of the town, close to MG Road. Guests can choose from Deluxe Room, Luxury Poolside Rooms and Heritage Bungalow. The rooms are spacious and furnished with modern amenities like tea/coffee maker, air conditioner, heater and electronic safe. The resort offers several activities for guests including DJ night, tennis, badminton, cricket, magic show and bonfire parties. The in-house restaurant at the resort serves vegetarian north Indian dishes at affordable rates.

Westend Hotel

Located close to the Matheran Police Station, this 4 star hotel offers clean and spacious rooms furnished with modern amenities. This family friendly resort offers several activities like pool, table tennis, carrom, karaoke night, camp fire parties and live music shows. The resort is close to several sightseeing spots in town, including Echo Point. Westend Hotel is an excellent choice for families and couples looking for a relaxing weekend stay in Matheran.

Different Color Passports

Geographical Reasons – Countries might use a certain color due to their geographical location.

Political Motive – Passport colors might also be politically motivated.

Religion- The color green is very important to Islamic states. It is said that the Prophet Muhammad favored the color; therefore you will find that most countries in the Middle East and/or Islamic states have green passports.

National Identity – Other nations choose for styles that reflect their individual character and identity.

Representation of Passport Colors:

  • Blue: The American flag has a significant amount of the color blue in it, and so does the American passport. But only after 1976, before that they were black. It is further regarded as the color of the “new world,” our oceans, water and the sky – the best color for relaxation and meditation.
  • Green: The color green has special religious meaning to most Islamic states around the world; therefore most of the Islamic region passports consist of green color. But they are not the only ones; South Africa, Nigeria, and Senegal have green passports as well.
  • Red: Many of the Nordic countries have red passports, given the fact that red was a popular color during the Viking Age and can be found on many of the national flags. Passport for countries within the European Union also consists of a shade of burgundy.
  • Black: Black passports are the rarest of the bunch. African nations typically have black passports where black plays a prominent role. The black passport is the one used for people who are traveling on diplomatic missions. Just like the maroon ones, these passports are valid for five years.

Winter Travel Destination

  • Old Town:
    One of Europe’s longest surviving medieval towns has so many buildings and galleries waiting to be explored. In this melting pot of different architectural styles, you’ll see gothic, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical buildings standing side by side – a view that will take your breath away. With its twisting alleyways, cobblestone streets, countless cafes and brimming street market, you’ll find yourself easily spending a day or two exploring this historic center.
  • Soviet Bunker:
    If you’re interested in more recent history then Vilnius is just the place for you to live under Soviet rule! Visitors are taken to a forest where they’re “ambushed” by members of the Red Army. Captured and blindfolded, the prisoners are then taken to a bunker, 19ft below ground, where they’re Soviet prisoners for three hours! This is “1984: Survival Drama In A Soviet Bunker” – a three hour long, interactive, quasi theatrical experience in a real Soviet bunker in the middle of the Lithuanian forest! Complete with KGB officers, real dogs and blindfolds, this is a hit with tourists!
  • Gediminas’ Tower:
    It is the only remaining part of the Upper Castle in Vilnius. Legend has it that once upon a time, the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas was hunting in the woods when he got tired and retired for a nap. He had a dream of a large wolf standing on top of a hill and howling out loud. The dream was interpreted to mean that a city should be built in that place. Gediminas then went on to build Vilnius and he put a castle in the center of the city. Today, Gediminas Tower is the only part of the castle that remains standing. It has become an important historic symbol of the Vilnius and Lithuania.

Places to Visit In Africa

Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe Border

This is a waterfall that is situated on the Zambezi River at the Zambia-Zimbabwe border and is well known for being the largest waterfall on earth. Surely The Victoria Falls is one of the most beautiful sites in Africa that you must see before you die not only because of its beauty but also because of its unusual fall and the diversity of the wildlife around it. It is possible to swim safely in the pools at the top of the falls on the Zambian side.

Pyramids of Giza-Egypt

There are over 100 pyramids in Egypt and most of them build as tombs to preserve the bodies of the dead pharaohs. In these tombs the pharaohs’ bodies will continue receiving food offerings long after their death. The greatest of these pyramids is the tomb of pharaoh that is in Giza.

Etosha National Park in Namibia

It is one of the most important and best game reserves in Africa, it houses a wide variety of mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian species. Tourists can camp here and enjoy a wonderful game viewing even at night, bird watching and also enjoy game drives.

Chode National Park

Chode National Park supports a large variety of wildlife which can only be found in this park and nowhere else in this world and it also has one of the Africa’s amazing rivers. Visitors can take a river cruise; undergo extra ordinary bird watching of over 400 bird species and also encounter different type of animals in their safari trip.

Virunga Mountains in Uganda/ Rwanda/ DRC borders

This is a chain of volcanic mountains found along the borders of Uganda, DRC and Rwanda. Apart from their beauty, the forests of the Virunga Mountains are the only remaining homes of the endangered gorillas. Visitors will also find some other interesting animals like chimpanzees, the okapi and the forest elephants.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and also the world’s tallest standing free mountain. The area around Mount Kilimanjaro is a home to some of the Africa’s premier wildlife parks and reserves. This is why Mount Kilimanjaro is a must place to visit in Africa.

About Eateries of Turkey

  1. Turkish Delight
    • The locals call this Lokum, is something you might have never tried before.
    • It is a combination of chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts which come in various colors and flavors to suit any taste bud.
  2. Iskender Kebab
    • Do not leave Turkey without trying one of the best and the most popular dish of Turkey – Iskender Kebab.
    • It consists of thinly sliced lamb that is served with traditional Turkish bread, which is heavily topped with yogurt and butter.
  3. Manti
    • Something known as The Turkish Ravioli, can make any pasta-lover go crazy. Surprisingly, Turkey has its own version of Ravioli which is tempting!
    • They’re a small handmade dumplings filled with lamb or beef served with creamy yogurt.
  4. Baklava
    • Too sweet, and even more richer is the famous Turkey dessert – Baklava.
    • Layers of flaky pastry that is finely chopped with nuts.
    • Originated from the Ottoman Empire, this dish is now widely sold on every street of Turkey. It is taste scrumptious.
  5. Mezze
    • You cannot probably leave any Turkish restaurant without being served Mezze.
    • It is a small selection of dishes that is served with drink, probably before or after a meal.
    • It merely consists of yogurt, herbs, hummus, vine leaves, meatballs, eggplant salad and white cheese. It is nothing, but eye-satisfying and mouth-wateringly delicious.

About Luxurious Travel Guide for Iceland

Firstly, it is always best to prepare before the trip. This should be everyone’s first step to enjoy a hassle-free experience amidst the scenic heritage of the world’s most peaceful country. Due to the inflating amount of tourists every single thing ranging from hotels to flights and transport services gets flooded and so instant bookings become a vague possibility.

Consulting a travel guide and tour operator would be the most effective thing to do because such agencies can help fix accommodations, flight bookings and tour packages at affordable rates. If the traveler pursues his/her journey by pre-booking all the necessities there will be no hindrances in the future.

Such measures are suitable especially during holiday seasons such as Christmas, when millions of tourists flood the entire country to enjoy invigorating moments. It even becomes impossible to get instant bookings for holiday activities like taking a fresh dip in the Blue Lagoon.

One of the best tours for Iceland would be around the Golden Circle. This part of Iceland encompasses volcanic terrain, glaciers, beautiful farmhouses for leisurely stops, an earthquake exhibition center, the Thingvellir National Park and the highly renowned Gulfross Waterfall.

One will have several options to learn about the Icelandic culture and geography, witness nature, venture into thrilling parts such as volcanic craters or perhaps ice-formed caves and altogether obtain spiritual bliss amidst the breath-taking falls.

Other popular destinations include a tour to the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), which is also a very occasional event and the Southern Coast. The southern Icelandic parts also include popular tourist destinations such as hot water springs and the world famous black beaches (coastal regions shrouded by black sand).

It’s safe to say that one single visit to Iceland is not enough to fulfill a traveler’s wanderlust. The country has so many naturally enriched destinations, adventure-filled spots and a colorful city like Reykjavik that it indeed lures people back again.

The tourism industry has progressively expanded with a significant rise in international visits every year. This in-turn has solved various regional as well as economical issues of the country. The amount of tourists has reached thrice as higher than the native population and is likely to grow even more due to the distinctive features which this beautiful snow-capped country offers.

With pre-booking methods and help from significant operators tourists will have all the comfort they need during the trip. Such agencies suitably arrange mini-bus tours, accommodations and also include extra-tour-breaks for the leisurely delight of visitors. Hence, over-crowded places can be avoided and people can travel in luxury, altogether enjoying the sublimity of the Icelandic heritage without having to go through a scarcity of hotels.

Places to Visit Before You Die

Before knowing about the place let’s look at few basics which you ought to follow while traveling. Pack as less luggage as possible and be prepared for the unforeseen. Plan your trip with sufficient rest time as too much traveling would lead to many problems later. Plan your trip well before and organize everything accordingly. Now as you are ready for the trip, let’s look at top 5 places that must be visited before you die as per the latest survey.

Kauai, Hawaii: If you want to visit heaven on earth, then you must visit this place. This place is nicknamed as ‘Garden Island’ famous for its greenery and scenic view. Though there are 8 other islands in Hawaii, Kauai is a hot cake island as it is the oldest of all 8 and has many cliffs at its heart, peaks and the scenic Wailua River. All these geological spectacles have made Hawaii a paradise on the earth.

Wengen, Switzerland: If you are tired of busy urban life, then you must visit Wengen, Switzerland. A city where no cars are being used in last 100 years and are surrounded by alpine mountains, grassy hills is a spectacular tourist spot. The city is known for its finest ski slopes on the earth and is the only place which is clean and unpolluted all across the globe.

Santorini, Greece: A place which is unique and beautiful along a cliff of volcanic rocks. It’s the only place which is surrounded with world’s largest volcanic eruptions. The white washed houses with a coat of volcanic ashes make them distinct and give them a pearl color which makes the place more attractive.

Mount Fuji, Japan: Japan’s highest peak and is one of the sacred locations which is also the most popular spot for artists and tourists. Amazing architecture, rich cultural experience, blooming lakes all together will surely make your visit much exciting. Mount Fuji is one of the world’s best natural destinations.

Cinque Terre, Italy: A town located in Northern Italy and a picturesque town with atop cliffs, mountains. A place known for finest dessert wine while enjoying the stay at the shores of Mediterranean Sea makes your trip much fun filled.

Spa Service While Onboard

Cruising promises to be a lot of fun. There is the variety of foods, new acquaintances, dancing, swimming, etc. One of the attractions going on a cruise is the chance to break away from the humdrum of a busy schedule. Being on a ship is like staying in a 5-star hotel or resort while at sea.

So while you are on a cruise, indulge yourself with things that you have been deprived of because of your busy schedule. Apart from the different kinds of foods, onboard and on port activities, a cruise also gives you other services like gym, salon and spa services.

Most cruise lines offer spa services onboard. Taking advantage of this service while on a cruise can offer you an invigorating experience. Cruise lines’ spa service can equal those offered by hotels. They are outstanding and you can get to have this pampering by adding a few cash.

Spa treatment is a great and unique onboard experience. This is something that seldom happens for most people because of their tight schedules and budget constraints. Onboard spa treatment gives you a run-through of the different treatments and services you can have. If you are not familiar with these treatments, you can always ask them and the spa crew staff are just too happy to give you a briefing.

The treatments provided by the cruise spa range from simple massage to the more sophisticated reflexology. Most of these are restorative, beneficial and designed to make you look and feel better. A spa treatment reduces your tension and stress, and aims to help you unwind. You should not miss this amenity.

If you are afraid that it is beyond your budget, do not be dismayed as price cut-offs are broadcasted every day. Hence, always check on this and take advantage of their promos to save you a few dollars. Similarly, have the spa service during the first days of your travel. This will allow you to take some rest in the spa section and get prepared for onboard and on port activities.