All-Inclusive Cruise Experience

Cruise lines are trying to book trips all year, which means they have to appeal to as many people as possible at all times. This includes providing package deals that are filled to the brim with services and amenities for prospective travelers. Of course, it is important for prospective travelers to be aware of what “all-inclusive” actually entails. This is perhaps the most divisive aspect of the cruise industry as what is included with “all” can vary. It takes a lot of work by the would-be traveler to figure exactly what is being offered before they book.

At its most basic, an all-inclusive cruise would provide the following: accommodations, food, non-alcoholic beverages, entertainment on the ship, and applicable taxes and fees. This isn’t too bad, but when you begin to investigate what other items have price tags, you realize that all is actually not completely included. For example, excursions off the ship can cost extra. Before you even get on the ship, there is a matter of traveling to the port from which you’ll be leaving. If you live any great distance away, you’ll have to drive or fly, and depending on when you get in, you may need to spend the night, which means an overnight stay. In some cases, what was once a pretty sweet cruise deal has now become a much larger financial investment.

You also need to be aware that all-inclusive cruises can be somewhat regimented and tend to adhere to strict schedules. This, for many travelers, is a deal-breaker. Whether it be meals or excursions, all-inclusive cruises have to keep schedules & movement on the ship tight, and that type of scheduling may not mesh with your idea of a vacation. Part of the fun during a vacation is that you can turn off the alarm clock, stash your watch, and just enjoy what the day brings your way. Having to maintain a schedule during your time off may not be the way to go.

So, what is a traveler to do? Become educated and do some research. Not only do you have the internet, but you can also reach out to stellar travel agents that can not only give you great insight into the all-inclusive cruise, but they may be able to help you book the ultimate all-inclusive cruise that is exactly what you want.