About Eateries of Turkey

  1. Turkish Delight
    • The locals call this Lokum, is something you might have never tried before.
    • It is a combination of chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts which come in various colors and flavors to suit any taste bud.
  2. Iskender Kebab
    • Do not leave Turkey without trying one of the best and the most popular dish of Turkey – Iskender Kebab.
    • It consists of thinly sliced lamb that is served with traditional Turkish bread, which is heavily topped with yogurt and butter.
  3. Manti
    • Something known as The Turkish Ravioli, can make any pasta-lover go crazy. Surprisingly, Turkey has its own version of Ravioli which is tempting!
    • They’re a small handmade dumplings filled with lamb or beef served with creamy yogurt.
  4. Baklava
    • Too sweet, and even more richer is the famous Turkey dessert – Baklava.
    • Layers of flaky pastry that is finely chopped with nuts.
    • Originated from the Ottoman Empire, this dish is now widely sold on every street of Turkey. It is taste scrumptious.
  5. Mezze
    • You cannot probably leave any Turkish restaurant without being served Mezze.
    • It is a small selection of dishes that is served with drink, probably before or after a meal.
    • It merely consists of yogurt, herbs, hummus, vine leaves, meatballs, eggplant salad and white cheese. It is nothing, but eye-satisfying and mouth-wateringly delicious.