Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are Romantic

That’s the number one qualification after all, isn’t it? A honeymoon is a romantic vacation, and the Galapagos Islands fit the bill. Moonlit cruises? Check. Exotic location? Check. Excellent facilities and service? Check and check. The dramatic sunsets, fearless wildlife and memorable landscapes combine with first-rate services to create the perfect atmosphere for romance.

The Archipelago has something for everyone.

He wants hiking, she wants a beach. He wants water sports, she wants shopping. Galapagos is about not having to sacrifice or compromise. There are great beaches and hikes on the islands, as well as snorkeling and other water sports. The towns on the islands have a surprising amount of quality souvenirs from all over Ecuador and South America. You can even decide between land-based and cruise ship tours. Why fight over a destination when Galapagos has it all?

The “Enchanted Islands” are a destination for the young and vibrant.

The Islands are on many people’s “bucketlist” of places to visit. Many retirees go because they finally have the time and money to do so. Unfortunately, by the time they get there, many seniors find that some of the hikes and islands are too challenging for them and they miss out. The Galapagos Islands are best enjoyed by those who are old enough to appreciate them and still young enough to hop from one lava rock to the next, perfect for young newlyweds!

The Islands are more affordable than you think.

Many young couples are not yet established and may avoid seemingly pricey destinations like the Galapagos Islands. Although the costs are undeniable – airfare to and from Ecuador and then to the islands, plus park fees and the cost of cruises or lodging – they are relatively low right now. The worldwide economic downturn has had one positive effect: fewer people are visiting Galapagos and the tour companies and hotels are willing to make deals they would not have considered before.

Ecuador has much more to offer than just the Islands.

A honeymoon to the Galapagos Islands carries the side benefit of a trip to Ecuador. Why not spend a few days relaxing in the natural spas of Papallacta surrounded by the Andes, or taking a romantic carriage ride in Quito’s charming colonial center? For such a small nation, Ecuador is home to a wonderfully diverse ecosystem with everything from snow-capped volcanoes to sandy beaches.

Ways to Boost Safety at Hotels

Never leave for the day in sight of others

This can be tricky to coordinate and even feel a little awkward, but it’s never a good idea to be seen by others walking out of your room with a fresh coat of zing sunscreen on the nose and a bag of supplies for a day trip to the beach. The signal you’re sending to everyone whether potential thieves or innocent fellow tourists is “I’m heading out and won’t be in my room for at least the next few hours.” If you step out of your room to head out for the day and see others standing around observing you, even in a casual manner, go back inside your room and wait for the coast to clear. If it makes it easier, pretend you forgot something.

Keep the TV and lights on at all times

Granted this isn’t very “energy efficient” and the hotel probably dislikes it because it runs up their operating costs, but it’s arguably the best security measure you have apart from your door’s actual lock when it comes to keeping your room safe while you’re away. Most hotel rooms these days require a room key be inserted into an activation device for the room’s electricity, so you’ll need to leave a key behind. Fortunately, hotels are usually willing to give you at least two keys for your room. Leave one in the room keeping the electricity on and turn the TV volume up so that it’s at least capable of being heard lightly from outside your door if someone were to check.

Don’t answer unexpected knocks, even from staff

No respectable hotel randomly send staff members to your room without you requesting it. Apart from the morning room cleaning service, there’s no reason why a good hotel would needlessly bother you without forewarning. Even if there appears to be a legitimate staff member on the other side of the door when looking through the peephole, it’s a good idea to let the knock go unanswered. Call the front desk and ask if they sent a staff member to your room for some reason. If not, you know there might be something amiss and can ask for security.

Request a higher floor when possible

Some people don’t like to be on the upper floors of a hotel, but there’s a few reasons why the upper half should be your preference. For starters, the view is usually better and it tends to be quieter. But for purposes of security, they’re also just a little safer from thieves. Every hotel has a staircase and some are less secure than keycard-activated elevators. So, thieves will sometimes use the staircase either to avoid being noticed or simply to get around the keycard issue and are more likely to stick to casing the lower floors. Even thieves don’t like climbing stairs…

Don’t let hotel staff in on your plans

Your hotel concierge can be a great resource when it comes to planning what to do in a new city. But they’re also in a position of great power with the knowledge of where guests will be and when. It’s not unheard of for disgruntled or less ethical staff members to accept money from thieves in exchange for information about certain guests’ daily plans. If you need to use the hotel concierge, don’t get too specific about when and where you’ll be going and try to keep your interaction limited to simple information gathering. Wait until you’re back in your private room to make decisions about where to go and when.

Family Getaway On A Tropical Thai Beach

The Location

The place we found that has something to keep us all entertained and happy was a relatively unspoiled 20km stretch of sandy beaches on the Andaman coast with a tropical jungle backdrop. -The region is called Khao Lak and it is roughly an hour’s drive from Phuket International airport, and within Khao Lak is 3 main tourist spots; Bang La On, Khuk Khak & Bang Niang. Khao Lak literally means Lak Mountain and there is a nature reserve on the mountain that makes for one of the local attractions which we thoroughly enjoyed during our nature walks and guided Jungle treks. Each of the three spots are fairly quiet, and have accommodations ranging from the height of luxury all the way through to the backpackers spots to offer something for all budgets and make this quaint, beautiful location in Thailand accessible for all to experience. Actually if you like the more quiet side of things while on holiday then Khao Lak is not only somewhere that is perfect as a family holiday spot, but also for anyone who is wanting to unwind and relax in nature, and in my opinion it makes for the ideal honeymoon location as there are many attractions that are impressive and interesting, while not being too flashy and intrusive. If you want to go and Khao Lak at an especially quiet time of year then I would advise going during the low season months which are from April-November.

The Accommodation

Like I mentioned earlier in this post; there are accommodations to suit all budgets and cater for most tastes and requirements in a place to lay their head. We opted for renting a villa within a resort as we know from experience that this will make our lives easier with their being staff on all during most hours to support us with whatever we needed. Also we like the privacy you get with a villa while still having a resort swimming pool, bar, restaurant and in this specific case – a Kids Club, which suited us perfectly. So during the days we could leave the children to enjoy themselves with whatever the Kids Club had organised for that day, while my wife and I would go off on our scooter or on a guided tour to investigate the nearby attractions and places of interest – which there are many. The Villa also had a stunning sea view over the beach that according to local people had the best, most beautiful sunset in the province. The beach is your ideal, soft, sandy type and the sea water is warm and as clear as can be, actually scuba diving is known to be quite enjoyable in this area as there is lots of sea life and many interesting things to see. So if you enjoying diving, then be sure to book some fun dives when visiting Khao Lak.

Travelling Tips for the Disabled

  • Plan well in advance
    Planning is key to any form of success. This is very important because it reduces chances of getting stranded and being inconvenienced. Booking flights and hotel rooms are the top priorities, however if you are going to stay at a friend’s or a relative’s house; notifying them in advance is very important. Then they can be prepared and even pick you up from the airport.
  • Book hotels that are disabled friendly
    Hotels with disabled friendly structures are very convenient as they allow disabled individuals to move freely with minimal effort. Most of these hotels also have special emergency protocols that ensure disabled individuals are not left behind in case of an emergency, unlike some hotels where these issues are over looked.
  • Use a travel agent that offers travel packages for disabled travelers
    Booking flights and hotel rooms with travel agents that offer travel solutions to disabled people is advantageous in a number of ways. They ensure they book for their disabled clients airlines and hotels that are disabled friendly. They strive to offer services and suggestions that will ensure their clients travel comfortably.
  • Understand and know your rights when at the airport
    Travelling, for people with disabilities, is very hectic, especially when they arrive at the airport. They face the challenge of getting proper information and directions. This is further aggravated by the huge number of people traveling and long queues. In airports, there are attendants that are supposed to attend to the needs of those travelling with disabilities. Disabled travelers should not, and are not, treated differently when they go through security measures. They are also protected from any form of discrimination from any airline. Disabled travelers are advised to be very conversant with their rights to avoid and report any form of discrimination when travelling.
  • Bring extra medication
    There is no harm in carrying an extra dose of medication when travelling. People do lose their luggage as they travel so, having an extra dose will act as a backup when one dose gets lost. This also ensures that when travelling, a disabled person does not run out of their medicine forcing them to start looking for a drug store when travelling. These medications should be stored properly to ensure their safety.

Small Cruise Ships

A small cruise ship is ideal to holiday in as the atmosphere is more relaxed and quieter than a large cruise ship. A smaller vessel will give you the same benefits as a larger ship but in a more relaxed and personal way with a friendlier crew who tend to your every need and want.

Just imagine this; sitting on the deck outside your cabin on-board a small luxury cruise ship as you sail through the South Pacific. All you can hear is the swish of the waves as they slap against the boat; and all you can feel is the wind in your hair and the warmth of the south-seas sun.

Here you have the best of both worlds; you can enjoy the outdoors on deck, taking in the fresh air and sunshine or you can retreat to your cabin if you want privacy – the choice is yours.

As the ship docks at interesting ports on exotic small islands, you get the opportunity to sample the delicious local food and make friends with the island’s inhabitants. You’ll have a chance to buy some unique souvenirs made by the locals to take back home and remind you of your trip.

If you are feeling lazy you can just lie in the sun with a good novel and savour the peace and quiet of the lazy, warm atmosphere and enjoy the day.

Formal dining will be available just as on a large cruise ship, or perhaps you fancy the casual-style dining and menu, either option will be available. Perhaps for one night you may want to have an intimate dinner in your own cabin where you can enjoy a romantic evening and have your wine and dinner delivered at your leisure.

Whether you have time for a thirteen day cruise or a six-day cruise you will surely enjoy all the amenities on offer and the very personal attention you will receive.

With the greater crew to passenger ratio, it will almost be as if you have your own personal captain and shipmates at your beck and call.

If you so desire you will have the opportunity to socialise and visit with others; shipboard romances are legion and life-long friendships are often forged. If you want company there will always be people ready for a chat and a drink on the deck or in the dining room.

You can join in on games and movies for entertainment and meet the other passengers, or curl up in your own cabin to listen to music or open your port window and simply lie and listen to the ocean’s waves as the ship sails to her next destination.

Best Place to Live in Australia


The reason Hobart is on top of our lists is that unlike many other cities in Australia, Hobart is actually quiet and peaceful. Ideal for people wanting to get away from a hectic and fast-paced life, this city offers a lot more than just a peaceful residence.

Surrounded by gorgeous warm sandy beaches and picturesque landscapes, Hobart is nothing less than a haven for workaholics. Although you might not find high paying jobs here. What you lose in income, you’ll gain in quality. And if you’re a food sucker, this food paradise might exactly be the place you’ve been looking for.


Australia’s second largest city has more to it than meets the eye. Known as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is ridiculously famous for its diversified climate, a rich native culture that can be witnessed in the nearby Museums, and passion for sports. Not to mention, the city itself is built as an art that can be seen more obviously.

There are multiple fine dining places that serve different cuisines both local and continental, best shopping destinations and not to forget the nightlife. The city is full of surprises and if you’re lucky, you might get to witness the four season in a day phenomenon.


Talk about the best place to live in Australia, the name Sydney will pop-up immediately and automatically. The name Sydney alone is enough to send chills down the spine of every person who wishes to work in Australia.

This city is most commonly known for its scenic beauty; be it natural beaches and ocean or man-made marvels like Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbor.

Sydney features a fast-paced exhilarating lifestyle and is well suited to those who are accustomed to living in such atmosphere. Landing a job in one of the firms in Sydney is something everyone wants. The weather here is somewhat of normal with the maximum temperature reaching up to 40 degree Celsius in the summers and minimum temperature falling down to 6 degrees in the coldest night of winter.


Adelaide seems to have gotten blur due to all the focus going towards cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. It so doesn’t mean Adelaide in any way is no worth living place, it’s just the most underrated. Earlier, newcomers used to move to one of the above-mentioned places, however, the situation has changed more recently.

With a low population, Mediterranean climate, pleasant weather and a communal diversity, it has turned into one of the favorite places to live in for the immigrants. The city is wrapped in nature, the real estate prices are lower than other city and lifestyle is pretty relaxed. Overall, the city has everything there is to offer.

Kamakhya Temple

Temple History:

Kamakhya Temple is an ancient temple built around 7th Century CE. The king of Gupta Emperor Samudragupta is one of the earliest references which mentions about the temple located in Assam. During that period, the temple was considered as a marvel of architecture. The temple was built during the rule of Pal dynasty.

The temple was damaged in the 11th- 12th Centuries by Nasiruddin in 1227 and Malik Uzbek Tughril Khan in 1225 and 1257. These rulers plundered almost all the temples starting from Bihar, Bengal, and Assam. During these expeditions, Devi Kamakhya temple was severely damaged.

Then the King Chilarai erected the temple structures of the Koch family in 1565. In 1658, when King Jayadhvaj Singha (of the Ahom dynasty), seized the lower half of the city, the temple received the attention of these rulers who restored the place to its present form.

In the following years, successors of this dynasty became ardent devotees of Shaktism and Shaivism. In 1714, when Siba Singha came into power, he handed over the responsibility of temple supervision to Krishnaram Bhattacharyya who was the head priest then.

Architecture of the Temple:

The architecture of the temple is very unique. The main temple has seven bee hived shaped Shikaras (gopuras), with each shikara having a golden Trishula. The Kamakhya Temple also consists of three chambers known as Calanta, Pancaratna, and Natamandira. The large and rectangular chamber facing west has an idol of Naga Mata, which the devotees seldom worship. In the South, a chamber is the idol of Devi Chamundeshwari.

The Pancaratna or the middle chamber leads to the Garba Griha or the Sanctum Santorum. The Garba Griha is in the form of a cave with narrow steps dimly lit by oil lamps leading to the Yoni, where the fissure of rock is found and worshipped.

The temple complex has three other temples dedicated to Lord Kedara (Kamaleswara), situated near the northern side of the main temple. On the north- western direction is located the Gadadhara temple and on the eastern foothills is located the temple of Lord Pandunath, also known as Pandu.

The Bleeding Goddess:

The temple is also popular as the bleeding goddess or the menstruating goddess. In the month of Ashaad (June), the goddess bleeds or menstruates, the Brahmaputra river turns into red. The temple then remains closed for 3 days and holy water is distributed among the devotees of Kamakhya Devi.

About Dining Amidst the Mangroves

I went to Sunderbans for the first time when I was only 14. I had no idea where we were going. But I assumed that we would be going to some old rest house hidden away in a little forest. I was rather disappointed when I could not find a rest house once we reached the place. To make it worse, my father pointed towards a boat and asked us to board it. It was a hot and humid day and we were definitely not in a mood to go on a boat ride in the dirty looking river. I could see my mom flaring up so it was up to me and my sister to douse the situation.

Thankfully, it didn’t come to that at all. The guard led us to a nice looking house boat called a ‘launch’. The deck had seats on three sides with enough space for us to walk around, have tea and watch exotic birds flying by or sitting on a tree. There was a navigator in a small phone booth sized room. There were stairs on the side which led to a tiny dining room cum living room. It had a TV that didn’t work and a couple of books on GIS and forest statistics. On one side of the dining room, there was a door that led to the bedroom with two beds that also served as storage boxes and it had its own bathroom with modern amenities. The other side led to the kitchen. I never saw it properly since every time I tried to walk in, it had always been too hot and full of steam for some reason.

After my sister and I excitedly explored the launch, we were given coconut water. I felt like a princess who gets everything without having to work for it. After laughing about our ‘boating’ experience, we were served lunch. It’s been more than a decade now so I don’t exactly remember what had been served for lunch. But I’m quite sure that there was fish, chicken, rice, dal, some vegetable, mango chutney followed by misti doi and rossogulla. And I’m quite positive that I must’ve overeaten.

After a short afternoon siesta, we woke up to steaming hot cups of tea, always served with biscuits or some snacks. Food always played an important part in all our visits to the rest houses. Since these rest houses were as old as the British period, tea was never served without snacks. There was always more food than we could eat. The British are long gone but the tradition has passed on.

I could use a lot of adjectives to glorify the beauty of Sunderbans but I don’t think it would be necessary. The marshy island covered with huge mangroves trees with exotic birds sitting on them was a treat to the eyes. I unsuccessfully tried to look for crocodiles casually swimming in the muddy water. I could have sworn that I saw something moving. My dad told me that this place had more creatures than could be identified. But I was just interested in seeing a dangerous looking man-eating tiger. Of course, I had no idea what I would do when I faced one. The idea itself seemed quite fascinating though. But thanks to my search for a tiger, I got to see a lot of natural goodness that Sunderbans had to offer. Living in the city made me forget what sunset looked like but I was lucky enough to witness it here.

After sunset, it got a little eerie since there were no streetlights or sounds of people or TV to fill the silence. I see a lot of horror movies and this moment seemed like I was in on of those scary scenes. It took a little time but I got used it. In fact, since my days in Darjeeling, I had forgotten to appreciate the sound of silence. The sound of water hitting the shores, the little bugs trying to communicate in the dark, reflections of shiny stars on the water, men trying to anchor the launch, all that seemed unnatural a moment ago seemed delightful now. We ended the day with a scrumptious dinner.

I had ambitious plans of waking up early to watch the sunrise. But my laziness got the better of me and I slept until I was woken up by my mom to have breakfast and tea. Our breakfast was nicely laid out in the deck. I felt like I had gone back to the Victorian era where one command would get you everything you wanted. I wished I would be able to see one wild animal before I went home just so I could brag about it. To my surprise, I saw a big fish like creature jump up from the water. My father, studying the waves created in water asked us to look ahead in a particular direction. When we did, we saw a swift Gangetic dolphin take a big leap. We kept following it with our eyes until it disappeared. So now I had at least one story to tell.

After breakfast, when I went for a shower, I realized that the bathroom window was stuck and I couldn’t close it. I was a little uncomfortable at first. But I realized that since there was no civilization in the vicinity, I had nothing to worry about. To be honest, it seemed like a spa right in the womb of nature, something that you see on pintrest only.

Once I was out of the shower, our guard informed us that the speed boat was ready to take us to the narrow inlands of the delta where the launch wouldn’t go. In the subsequent visits, I got to try my hand at the speed boat. But the first time, I was just sitting comfortably behind the driver’s seat with my life vest on. The shallow end of the island wasn’t more or less beautiful as the rest of it. But somehow, it seemed like we were in a danger territory since it was so close to the land. It seemed like at any point, a tiger could jump into the speed boat. And this made it very thrilling and adventurous. But our driver assured us that there was considerable distance and we had nothing to worry about. I was relieved to hear this. The sound of the speed boat was loud enough to wake a sleeping giant and so we gave up the hope of spotting a tiger since they have super sensory ears. But to my delight we saw a small crocodile sunbathing near the shore. It seemed quite comfortable for a minute or two. But it probably spotted us since it made a dash to the water and disappeared.

We then headed back to our launch to wind up our visit. I tried hard and strained my eyes to see a glimpse of the tiger till I got back at the launch. We started to pack up till lunch was laid out in the dining room. There wasn’t much to pack but it took us a long time since we were not ready to leave yet. But I had school the next day so there wasn’t any other option. The cook made a special preparation of crabs among other things. They made such delicious dishes every time we went to Sunderbans without any formal training. I wondered what they might have been capable of if they trained under Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay.

Antarctica Cruises

Any sort of trip planning starts here and you’ll find right away that if you wish to disembark your ship and explore Antarctica ashore, rates go up, and ship size goes down. And unlike other types of travel, luxury does not always increase with price! With Antarctica travel, the keys to a worthy cruise are time of year, number of days in Antarctica, access to the regions you want to explore, and the caliber of the expedition and naturalist staff that accompany you. This typically means that despite the higher fares on small ships, the value is tremendous when compared to larger ship programs that only provide scenic by way cruising. With small ships you really experience Antarctica through Zodiac explorations, landings and adventure options.

The cost for a small ship Antarctic cruise varies based on trip length, the ship and cabin selection, and travel dates. Typically the cruise fare is more inclusive than on larger cruise ship, covering accommodations, meals and some beverages, guide services, landing fees, shore excursions, Zodiac expeditions, rubber boots for shore landings, and expert presentations.

While each cruise to Antarctica varies, generally the fees usually don’t cover airfare to or from the point of embarkation/disembarkation, some soft drinks and most alcoholic beverages, tips to your guides, laundry and other items of a personal nature, and optional adventure activities.

Where you go affects not only just pricing, but your experience as well. The majority of 10 to 14-day expedition cruises depart from Ushuaia, located at the southernmost tip of Argentina, crossing the famed Drake Passage by sea or occasionally by air (with ship embarkation in the Peninsula region). Cruises then explore the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands, each made up of small islands, channels and inlets. Expect to see tabular icebergs, ice sheets and glaciers, 4 – 5 penguin species, seals and whales and sea birds. A few Antarctica cruises venture south to cross the Polar Circle and while these definitely provide travelers with unique bragging rights, they typically only add more days at sea onto the itineraries without much corresponding value in terms of increased wildlife sightings, Zodiac exploration or landings.

A few itineraries venture to the Weddell Sea which is found on the western side of the Peninsula. Some of these cruises are operated as a stand-alone itinerary, or more commonly in combination with an Antarctic Peninsula cruise. In this region, the tabular icebergs are larger, and so are the penguin colonies- and sometimes you even see emperor penguins. You can expect to see leopard seals in the water, Weddell seals lounging on ice floes, and hopefully encounter whales as you traverse the seas of the Antarctic convergence zone.

Longer 14 – 24 day Antarctic Peninsula cruises venture northeast to the wildlife-rich sub-Antarctic islands of South Georgia and the Falklands where you find even more species of penguins – including massive colonies of king penguins. Huge elephant seals, albatross in their nests and sea lions are also highlights of this region along historical explorer sites.

For the past few years a new crop of tours in Antarctica have begun to operate which combine cruising the Peninsula or sub-Antarcitc regions via small ship with a full expedition staff, but which utilize flights on small BAE jets to transport travelers across the Drake Passage by air rather than sea. Given that the cruise portion of these expeditions are of comparable quality to most of the other Antarctic small ship expeditions, these really can be a great option for those who are very short on time or who fear a rough crossing the infamous Drake Passage. The drawbacks are firstly price- rates are much higher for these cruises, demand is high, and there is a risk of the very weather that causes the Drake to ‘shake’ as the saying goes will interrupt and cause delays in the flight schedule which then unexpectedly can cut into the time spent on the expedition.

The Antarctic travel season revolves around the Austral Summer, from early November through early March, when sea ice breaks up and snowfall and storms decrease. From April through October, it is next to impossible for any ships to break through the heavy pack and sea ice.

The most desirable time to visit starts the 2nd week of December through January when the weather is most reliably, and, importantly, most Antarctic penguins hatch– and during the accompanying holiday season and Argentina’s high travel season, demand can definitely outrun supply for popular trips. However, for those wanting to do a longer trip that explores the Falklands and South Georgia, the best time of year depends on what you are hoping to see and experience- January gets you better weather and potential access in the polar zones as well as an increase of whale migration in the Southern Ocean, but October and November bring the truly extraordinary mating and birthing season for the massive elephant seals found in and near South Georgia Island as well as the chance to see the magnificent waved albatross in their nests. Massive colonies of king penguins breed year-round, making South Georgia & The Falklands a great option during the entire season.

With Antarctica expeditions cruises, you’ll find discounts scarce when compared to the large cruise ship industry. Demand is high for Antarctica cruising and tours, and while some companies will discount to fill every berth, many of the higher quality ships do not offer last-minute discounts at all, but instead offer early booking incentives which often align with the lower air fares.

If you can make arrangements quickly, and you love the thrill of the bargain hunt, then you’ll want to take advantage of the approaching ‘season’ or mid-season discounts. These can range from 10% up to 50% off full fares, but your choice of departure dates and cabin is limited. Airfare increases, eating into your cruise savings, and sometimes flights to Ushuaia can be full prior to your cruise, making it necessary for you to arrive days ahead of your cruise, adding several nights accommodation cost to your trip.

Depending on the type of small ship you choose, the level of accommodation, service, food and even adventure options ranges from ‘spartan’ to luxurious. Finding a ship that has what you want, means that you must look carefully at ship photos, deck plans and public areas (observation lounge, lecture media rooms etc) and adventure options. You’ll then want to balance that against the ships that have the itineraries that work for you in your timeframe.

To find the best itinerary, decide what is most important to see and hone in on the programs that deliver this. Then you’ll want to rank trips breaking out cost against the number of days exploring (vs days at sea), against what is included and not included in the types of ships you desire.

With so many things to consider when booking a cruise to Antarctica, it is always good to connect with travel veterans, read reviews, and research companies. And while you will find many large companies with a vested interest in selling you on their expedition, and also many travel or big ship cruise agents who will only point you in the most obvious directions, there does exist a small niche of travel professionals who specialize in small ship expedition travel. They’re services are usually free, but their value to you as an expert and a more objective evaluator is enormous. They can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and hours of research. They can also add tremendous value to your trip with insider ‘been there, done that’ tips. Traveling to Antarctica is for most people a once in a lifetime experience that involves a significant amount of time, effort and money so it’s best to use all your available resources, including those of a professional adventure cruise specialist.

Resort For Adults Only

Adults Only – Where only 18 years of age and older are permitted. These resorts are perfect for both couples and single adults and sometimes families with older teenagers. Most resorts that are labeled as adults only will allow 16 and up as well, so it’s important to read the fine print to ensure that the right atmosphere is achieved. Any couple that wants to avoid singles should search for couples’ resorts.

Adult-Oriented – These resorts cater to everyone, but are adult themed. The minimum age range is usually 12 or 13 but it depends on the resort. This is great for families with older kids that don’t want to deal with the craziness of younger ones.

Couples Only – To rekindle romance, celebrate and anniversary or wedding or just have some couple time these resorts are for only couples. There are no singles or adult families allowed at these resorts. These are very popular and actually necessary for couples to continue to enjoy their relationship. They’ve shown to help those lacking romance.

There are so many locations to consider when booking resorts. Resorts are establishments that offer a variety of options for both recreation and relaxation. Finding good resorts is important to the overall experience for all. Basic types include:

  • Beachside Resorts – Have easy access to the beach and many beach activities including skiing, boating, fishing, parasailing, surfing and more.
  • Golfing Resorts – Expect the greens and views to be spectacular in a golfer’s paradise.
  • Luxurious Resorts – Luxury resorts offer the best amenities to help one feel like royalty.
  • Lakeside Resorts – The lake is a great escape for anyone who wants to wake up and enjoy the serenity, and they’re often found in quaint little towns fun to explore.
  • Island Resorts – Sun, sand and tropical drinks as well as plenty of outdoor activities are featured.
  • Mountain Resorts – Serenity and spectacular views for nature lovers
  • Skiing Resorts – Anyone who enjoys the slopes will love a ski resort for snowboarding and skiing as well as many other snow-laden activities.
  • Spa Resorts – The perfect place to relax and rejuvenate from stresses of everyday life.
  • All Inclusive Resorts – These feature accommodations, activities and meals.