Book Cheap Hotels Near Airports

Make Use of a Search Engine

First of all, what’s a search engine? One thing, it’s not remotely as grandiose as it sounds. It simply means a search engine that takes your input and uses third party search engines to dig up results. So, if you search for a booking with your desired attributes, like price, location, star grade, etc., it will piggyback on another search engine, say the mighty Google, to gather information specific to your query.

It’s possible to ask, “why not just go to different hotel websites or some discount site to get what you’re looking for? Well, that’s what you’ll be doing with a search engine actually, except you will have results from website A, B, C, D, and any other necessary sites as one. This will reveal the cheapest rooms that you can book easily.

Contact the Hotel Directly

Getting cheap bookings for hotels near airports might simply involve calling the one you’re considering. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this one out. It’s obvious, but it can work wonders in two ways.

Firstly, not all airport hotel deals are advertised online. It may be done through one medium or another but sometimes, it is not done using all means you might expect. But one thing you can count on is the stuff being privy, to what’s cheap and what’s not at all times. Calling them directly is definitely a great way of getting to the info.

Secondly, hotel stuff will give you insider information as to why airport hotel prices are high. It might be due to some conference, convention, or even a concert by a big time musical entity. With this info, you can then focus your scouting on areas a good distance from the high-demand parts.

Look for Cancellable Rates

This trick involves playing unfaithful with multiple bookings of different hotels near airports. In a nutshell, you find cancellable rates, then monitor them until the last moments to end up with the cheapest.

The essence of the trick is that room rates go through considerable and relatively rapid fluctuation. What’s low now may soon be high as quickly as within a couple of minutes. As the uncheatable law of supply and demand would have it, the more people are booking, the higher the prices. It is important to make sure that the rates are actually cancellable.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai

The staff quickly escorted us to our suite on the 20th floor, which had a perfect view of the 7 star luxury hotel Burj-al-Arab and the ocean. One of the elevators moved slowly, but it had the view of the ocean, so it was worth the slow move up and down. Every room has beautiful views of the Marina and The Burj Al-Arab Hotel. Lying on your bed looking out at the changing colors of the Burj Dubai Hotel at night is an experience in itself.

The room service, reception and concierge were excellent and were very helpful. Guess the staff must be undergoing a rigorous and continuous training program in delightful customer service. We believe this is what separates the good, from the bad and ugly, and creates a lasting impression of excellence.

The private beach was lovely with plenty of sun beds. The cabanas cost a 1000 Dirhams to use, so we avoided them. The warm water on the golden sandy beach, with a great view to the Burj is worth the money you spend to come all the way here from England. They have well-trained butlers to help you with the beach chairs and towels. They also provide you with lollies, cold towels and juices (if that’s in your package or, charged otherwise). The views from the beach, out in front of the Jumeirah Beach hotel in Dubai, early in the morning, probably near sunrise time overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Burj Al Arab are also simply astounding.

The facilities were phenomenal from the many swimming pools to the outstanding service to the food. And to top it all, they sent us a cake, flower bouquets and chocolates on the night of our choice, to celebrate our honeymoon in style.

We booked our stay with half-board, wherein we had a fantastic spread at breakfast and lunch (or dinner). We usually went out into the city for dinner because Dubai is so beautiful at night. The lights on Sheikh Zayed Road, on the various buildings, are another great sight to see and believe. The hotel has a free shuttle to the Mall of Emirates, where you can catch the Metro to The Palm or the Dubai Mall.

We had booked under the “Club Executive” class, where one gets access to some exclusive amenities like your own lounge for booking-in which serves free drinks from 5pm – 7pm, your own pool table & terrace on the ground floor where they serve you drinks, afternoon tea, happy hour and also have your own swimming pool.

Travel to New Zealand

If you are wishing to know how to fly to New Zealand, then there are a number of ways to do that. If you are departing from Europe, then you can fly via Dubai, or if you are departing from northern Asian countries, then you can travel via Bangkok or Singapore. The travel time to New Zealand by direct flight is between 14 hours (Los Angeles) and 22 hours from most Northern Hemisphere departure points. If you are travelling from the UK or Europe, then you are wise to allow an over-night stopover at such cities as Dubai, Bangkok or Singapore.

If you are ‘over airports’, and don’t have a tight deadline and are looking to take your time and make the most of you holiday, then you may want to look at travelling to New Zealand by ship, which is a great way to take a relaxing holiday. Cruises are becoming very popular because they offer a stress-free way to get you your destination.

The other advantage is that when you do get to New Zealand, cruising is a great way to see the country. There are around seven ports where cruise liners berth, including the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne, Wellington, Akaroa, Dunedin as well as Milford and Doubtful Sounds (scenic cruising), and so day excursions are available for those who like to go on-shore to enjoy a close up experience of New Zealand’s beautiful scenery.

Cruising offers the benefit of not having to pack and unpack your suitcases every day compared to travelling by coach or car and staying in hotels. The meals are fabulous, and of course you get to sleep in the same bed each night. You always have the company of other travellers if you so wish, or you can retire to your own lounge area or cabin if you are looking for some solitude.

Cruises are a fun way to travel, with on-board entertainment provided, fabulous meals – in summary, fun, food and friends, and of course these days they are a great way to experience a whole family holiday. Cruises have ‘something for everyone’, no matter what the age.

Cruises leave from a number of Northern Hemisphere ports including Southampton in the UK, Fort Lauderdale (near Miami), Los Angeles and San Francisco in the US and Cape Town in South Africa. If you are travelling from Asia to New Zealand by ship, then the departure ports are Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok, Ho Chi Ming City, Singapore and Bali.

Best and Worst Cruise Staterooms

To avoid being disappointed in your stateroom, we have compiled a list of the some locations you might want to think twice about before booking.

  • Under the Lido deck. This isn’t always called the Lido Deck on each ship, but its the deck that commonly will have the pool, buffet and other deck space. The trouble with having a stateroom under the Lido deck is that there usually is activity happening there all the time, especially under the buffet area. You may hear jumping, chair scraping, and running. This may go on till 1 or 2 in the morning. Then at about 4 or 5 in the morning the crew will be up getting things ready to go. If you are under the kitchen area you may hear the crew firing up the stove and preparing for the breakfast buffet. Cruise ships will often have deck parties on the Lido deck.
  • Near a white space on the deck plan. The deck plans usually only show areas of concern to the cruise passengers. What you don’t see is housekeeping rooms, crew only elevators, laundry rooms, and more. Unless you know what is in the blank white areas on the deck plans it is best to avoid them. In some cases it may be the housekeeping supply room. Cruisers have been awakened very early in the morning as the housekeepers work to prepare their supplies for the day. There can be activity in and out of the rooms and you may hear doors open and close constantly.
  • Over the lounge. The lounges to watch out for are the ones where bands may play and passengers dance. Sometimes these venues run till after midnight. And if you are trying to have some quiet time in your stateroom right above the lounge, you may instead be hearing the beating of the music and the noise from the lounge below your stateroom. When Norwegian Cruise Line moved the Spinnaker lounge on a couple of their ships to the aft on deck 7, the staterooms above on deck 8 (that use to be over a very quiet gift shop) now were over a popular lounge that can be very noisy well after midnight.
  • Over or under the casino. Casinos deliberately use noise to try to attract customers and put them in the mood for gambling. So all those slot machines have their volume cranked up to try to draw you in. The problem is, if you are in a stateroom above or below the casino, you don’t want to be drawn in if you are trying to sleep. Unless you love to go to sleep with the sounds of Las Vegas pounding in your head, we would avoid booking a stateroom near the casino.
  • Under the fitness center. The fitness center usually begins to see activity as early as 5:00 in the morning. While it’s great getting in shape on the treadmill early in the morning, it is not so great for the folks trying to sleep in the cabins below the fitness center.

There are other areas to watch out for, such as near the gangways or other areas with lots of foot traffic going by.

On the flip side there are some good stateroom locations that tend to lead to a much better cruise experience. As long as the following staterooms don’t meet any of the criteria above then you should be good to go. The some best locations are as follows:

  • In between other staterooms. If your cabin has staterooms above, below, and on all sides of it then you are more likely to have a good experience in the cabin. This is not always a guarantee though as you may end up with a neighbor that likes to crank up the TV volume. But normally the other passengers around you are also looking to get some sleep so that they can enjoy the next day’s activities.
  • On the aft of the ship. Aft cabins tend to be very popular because they offer wonderful views of the wake of the ship and don’t usually have a lot of neighbors. You still need to be aware of what is around your stateroom though. On some Princess ships, for example, the aft stateroom might be near a loud exhaust vent that also might be releasing some unpleasant smells (check out the blank white spaces on the deck plans). For the most part the aft cabins are a hit and cruise customers love them.
  • Midship staterooms. A Midship stateroom on an upper deck tends to lead to a better cruise experience. The location can make getting around easier since you are located in a more central location to where you want to be. Some of the ships are very large and walking from one end of the ship to another may give you more exercise than you want. Also because the elevators can sometimes be busy, if you have to use the stairs, this location will mean less stairs to go up or down.
  • Expanded balconies. Sometimes the deck plans show them and sometimes they don’t but some cabins have larger balconies than others. Space is everything on a cruise ship and these extra spaces can make your cruise experience that much better. Instead of sitting on a cramped balcony, these balconies tend to have loungers that allow you to really stretch out. Some of them are covered (protected from the weather and wind) and some are open (lots of sun). Several Carnival ships have expanded balconies marked out on the deck plans. On some of the Grand Princess class ships the last aft cabins on the port and starboard side of the emerald and dolphin decks have expanded balconies.
  • Hidden Gems. There are lots of these on a cruise ship and a good cruise/travel agent will know about them. For example, forward oceanview cabins on the upper decks of some Celebrity ships, such as the Celebrity Summit, are much larger than a normal oceanview and the large porthole window offers some fantastic views of the bow of the ship. On some smaller Princess ships, such as the Dawn Princess, the oceanview cabins on the forward of the Dolphin deck offer a very large balcony sized window. On some Carnival ships, such as the Carnival Legend, some inside cabins on the Main deck actually have french doors that let in a lot of light and some of them actually have a view through the lifeboats.

Planning A Cruise Vacation

Early bird booking 

Book in advance, almost 6 to 8 months earlier. Cruise lines offer excellent deals to travelers who several months ahead of their travel date as a promotion strategy. Make reservations during the wave season could get you free or slashed air fare, cabin upgrades, free beverage packages and other on-board complimentary amenities.

Last minute reservations 

It might not be a very practical option for a family, but if you are traveling with friends, alone or as a couple, you can book, pack and go. Last minute bookings, almost 3-6 weeks before the sail date, can help shave off a few hundred dollars. The only downside of this tactic is that you have to settle for what is given to you (e.g. Rooms without balconies); there is no choosing.

Travel off-season 

Travelers can snag a great price on a cruise ship vacation by travelling off-season. The prices dip even further during hurricane season. An advantage of travelling during the off-season is that you can escape the crowds and enjoy a more relaxing and peaceful holiday.

Grab sales and discounts 

The travel industry, as far as cruise ship vacations are concerned, has an abundance of sales and promotions. To get the latest updates, you can register with a travel agent specializing in cruise travels and vacations or sign up for newsletters. Such sales don’t offer savings over and above 50%. This is a tip to tell which offer can be trusted and which not.

Shorter cruise 

Can’t afford a week-long cruise ship vacation? You can always book yourself for a shorter one. Given the demand for shorter cruises and more affordable rates, many cruise lines offer cruise trips closer to home. It gets more economical as you save a major chunk on airfare.

Book on board 

If you are a travel buff and plan to take more cruise ship vacations in the future, you can book on board. It’s not exactly a reservation, but a credit that can be applied to any future booking you make for a cruise ship vacation. The advantages include flexibility in choosing travel date, itineraries and cruise ship and reduced deposit amount. The deposit amount is refundable.

Beach Hotels in the Caribbean

Luxury beach hotels are quite popular in the Caribbean and you can get excellent deals on bookings. Mentioned below, are some of the best luxury beach hotels that you may consider looking at, while you are at the Caribbean.

  • The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel- Located in the island of Jamaica, it’s definitely the most romantic retreat you can go to. Whether it is a romantic escape for you or just a wellness nirvana, this hotel is “the” place for you in the Caribbean. There are eighteen hand-crafted stone cottages that overlook a spectacular garden. The hotel offers fabulous in-house Spa facilities for an absolutely relaxed and soothing spa experience.
  • Caribbean Club – When you travel to Caribbean don’t miss the stunning Grand Cayman Islands. The Caribbean Club located at the Seven Mile Beach is an idyllic destination that is a home away from home. There are thirty-seven villas provides you with the most exotic and adventurous feeling on this picturesque island.
  • Jade Mountain Resort – Situated in the beautiful St. Lucia Island this luxury beach resort spread majestically over 600 acres of land this hotel gives you your own private pool glides. This architectural wonder is surely a place that you should visit once while you travel to the Caribbean.
  • Hermitage Bay – Located in the island of Antigua this intimate beach resort comprises of only twenty-five cottages so that you get a tranquil environment even on the busiest of days.
  • Tortuga Bay Hotel Punta Cana Resort & Club – This club was established in 1971 in the Dominican Republic. The hotel has its old world charm that is pure bliss for every traveller.

Resort in Orlando


Wakoola Springs is the best place to enjoy the water. This is a tropical area that covers 75,000 sqft. There are two slides, zero entry pool, hot tubs, and interactive fountains as well. The indoor and outdoor pool area is also something to look forward to while in the area. For the kids, they can have a great time at the playground. There is also a clubhouse where different activities and games can be enjoyed by the kids as well. This means that the resort is the ideal place for all your vacation needs.

For those in need of a very relaxing time, then Lake Eve is the place to visit. This is where you can have fun with paddle boats and engage in fishing for your own enjoyment.


When hunger strikes, you can easily get food and refreshments at the poolside restaurant and bar that is on-site. There is the Wakoola Grill where you can enjoy different delicacies and cocktails. The cuisine is wide and you can try out new things.

Some of the terms

If you do make a cancellation after purchase within 24 hours, it will be free of charge. Some charges may apply after this duration has elapsed.

The villas can hold up to six people at a time. Extra beds can be availed as well. This resort does not allow any pets meaning you will have to make plans for your fluffy friends before visiting.


This accommodation showcases a sauna and a hot tub and it is only a few kilometers from Disney. There is also the convention and visitor bureau in close proximity. There is also parking space available.

The facility is air-conditioned and has a TV. There are some units that also have a dining area and/or a sitting area. A kitchen is also available well equipped with an oven and dishwasher. This means that you can actually make your own meals if you really want to. A coffee machine and a microwave are also made available for residents. Every unit has a bathroom and a bathtub. During your stay, you will also get bed linen and towels.

Explore the Burgundy Canal

Peace and Tranquillity Prevail

The real joy of going on a barge cruise in France on the Burgundy Canal is the peace and tranquillity that you will experience. Burgundy is an especially beautiful region, and you will find yourself passing by rolling hills, stunning countryside and ancient villages.

You can listen to the sound of birdsong, watch the cattle in the fields beside the canals, and enjoy a truly relaxing experience on board. A typical barge cruise will take you about 60 miles along the canal, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the passing scenery.

Travel in a Converted Barge

A barge cruise in France through Burgundy offers many options, but one of the best is travelling in a converted barge. Many of these date back to the early 20th century when they were used to transport goods along the canal, and some of them have now been converted into luxury barges – often referred to as floating hotels. These elegant barges afford you the utmost in comfort and there is often a dining room, bar, sun deck and cabins with en-suite bedrooms, making it the perfect way to travel in style.

What to See

As well as simply watching the beautiful countryside pass by, you may find that you are able to go on various excursions ashore when the barge docks. These may involve a drive out to a nearby town or village of interest, where you can see attractions including cathedrals, châteaux, abbeys and markets. You may also be able to enjoy a wine tasting or a meal in a restaurant.

Why You Should Travel Alone

A Chance To Be Adventurous!

After 18+ years of being told what to and what not to do, travel lets you try new things like skydiving, whitewater rafting, that strange delicacy in Thailand and other things you never tried at home.


Seventy-eight percent of young travellers want to learn something when travelling. Uncover your hidden art critic at the Louvre in Paris or find your passion for ancient architecture at the Acropolis in Athens.

Bragging Rights

Fifty-six percent of your friends want to travel as a result of your posts because travel is excellent, not just because you are an expert at selecting the perfect phone filter. The only thing better than seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night is how insanely jealous your friends will be when you upload your pictures.

Sharing Common Ground

Two out of three young travellers visit a place that is recommended by friends and family. Don’t be left out. Travelling to places your friends and relatives visited lets you share everyday experiences and stories.

Attainable With Minimal Effort – You Can Do It Now

Remember when you were young and you couldn’t wait to grow up? Well, you’re grown up (not to be confused with old). By taking a tour, it takes the hassle out of travel. When you’ve only got two weeks, you want to make every second count.

Make Your Short Term Rental Stay Enjoyable

Think about where the rentals are located

Unlike hotel rooms that could offer you the convenience of having a restaurant and other amenities within the same property, this might not be the case with the vacation rentals. The rental properties could be located further from such facilities and you should always think about how flexible you are and how convenient you find the location for your stay so you are able to make the right choices. If you are more into a romantic getaway away from the hustle and bustle of urban settings, then it is only advisable that you be willing to make trips to access some of the facilities you might need during your stay.

Think of cooking possibilities

The good thing about the rentals is that the majority come with fully equipped and functional kitchens so you can enjoy your favorite meals even when you are that far from home. Check out the kitchen to make sure it has every appliance you might need to make your cooking experience smooth and easy. You of course will need to get your supplies for the cooking, but it is always better to ensure that indeed you will be able to enjoy the kind of cooking you prefer throughout your stay in the rental.

Think of how cleaning will be done

Rental apartments can be big with most coming in two and three bedrooms. You really may not want to clean the entire apartment to be part of what you do when you are to enjoy your stay, Luckily, most come with cleaning services and housekeeping services so you do not have to do all the work yourself. To be on the safe side and to ensure that you stand to enjoy your stay fully, confirm that this is among the services that you get to enjoy with the rental you choose.

Think about what matters during your stay

If you can’t do without internet even during your short stay, then it helps to find out whether you have internet access or WiFi in the rental that you choose. The same should go for things such as parking and cable TV and laundry facilities. Your stay may not be that long, but you want to have the best time throughout.